We arrange cheap trips to Norway. We help with finding tickets, organise accommodation and board. We will show you the main tourist attractions of Norway: great western fjords, charming towns and port settlements of Norwegian Riviera, monumental Preikestolen cliff, breath-taking Kjerag, self-supporting islands on the sea. We also specialise in sea and freshwater fishing. This will be your unforgettable holidays in Norway :)

We specialise in organising cheap trips to Norway. You can choose from: sea cruises on the waters of Skagerrak strait and surrounding bays and fjords; guided sight-seeing, round trips; hikes on plateau of Southern and Central Norway - including going to famous Preikestolen towering over the huge fjord; night on the desert island on the sea; visiting picturesque towns of Norwegian Riviera.

And also: walks in old Scandinavian forests abundant in mushrooms;  driving up to Kjerag plateau surrounded by tundra and rocky desert; visiting populated islands which can be reached only by boat; taking a walk in Gjeving – Venice of the North, and Lyngor settlement stretched on four islands and recognised by UNESCO as the best preserved village of Europe; smoking of just caught mackerel and free beer- and home-made wine-tasting :)

We also specialise in sea and freshwater fishing (we provide the whole indispensable equipment). We help with finding cheap plane tickets, organising relatively cheap accommodation in summer houses. We also offer meals, among others, traditional Norwegian dishes as:  elk stew, renburgers (reindeer meat burgers) and salmon Norwegian style.

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