Morning haze drifting over water, first frost on meadows and branches, colourful trees towering on steep slopes over the lakes...Autumn in the Norwegian Riviera is beautiful and nostalgic.

October is the most romantic. This is the month of gold and red, contrasts and peace. One birds are flying off, the others are arriving from the north to spend winter here. Norwegians take their boats out of the water. There are yacht transporters on the roads used to put yachts in backyards so that they become landscape components till the next spring. Sometimes there are also big boats parked near narrow local streets.

October is the last call to go to Kjerag (the road is closed after first snow). It is also a good time for those who want to experience Preikestolen on their own - the closer winter is, the fewer people hit the trail. However, the platform is still accessible and as fascinating as it is in summer.

In autumn, mackerel shoals leave the bays of the Norwegian Riviera giving room for rare species as delicious coalfish and wrasse. The season for crabs starts. We catch them by means of traps where we put dead fish as bait.

Another advantage of autumn are low prices. Camp sites with cheap summer houses are usually already closed, but instead we can offer inexpensive accommodation in typical Norwegian huts which astronomically high summer costs drop.

Golden autumn ends when October ends - trees start to lose their leaves, days become short and dark. The Norwegian Riviera is falling into sleep. From the beginning of November to the first heavy snowing, the landscape is cheerless and uninteresting.

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