Facts and myths about Norway


When you hear "Norway" you probably imagine a cold country enveloped in clouds. Obviously, many Europeans living near the Mediterranean Sea imagine the same when they hear "Poland". Despite this fact, there are no polar bears at the outskirts of Warsaw, and Polish people sometimes take off their sheepskin coats and wear tank tops. It is similar with Norway - winter is cold, spring is varied, summer is warm, and autumn is windy and clammy. Of course, there are also colder summer days when it is raining but the sun rises sooner and goes down later than in Poland so you have more time to get warm in its rays:)

You should bear in mind that Norway is almost 3 thousand kilometres long country, and its northern fringes reach the Arctic. However, the Norwegian Riviera, the warmest place in the country, with the least precipitation and the highest number of sunny days throughout a year, is a great holiday destination. Usually, the temperature is slightly lower than in Central and eastern Europe but sometimes the summer in Arendal is warmer than in Gdansk. The reason is a warm Atlantic ocean current, the Gulf Stream which reaches the coast of Scandinavia. The mean air temperature in the seaside towns of Norway is much higher than the temperature of the cities of America or Asia located at the same latitude. However, you should always be prepared for a drop in temperature and pack warm clothes regardless of the season. Even if you sweat in the heat at the seaside, the hinterland can be much cooler (especially in the mountains), or even if during a day it has been warm, the evening can be much less pleasant.

Cheap or expensive?

Norway will never be cheap... to those who do not know it:). A dinner in an ordinary restaurant is much more expensive than in Europe, not to mention Poland. Accommodation costs are also higher than in Europe. Since earnings are very high, you have to pay through the nose for every service. It may seem that you cannot spend holidays there for a reasonable price... But you can! Norway can be the place of your best holidays ever and you do not have to pay more than in Greece, Spain or Egypt.

First of all, the best thing Norway has to offer, that is great views, is for free. You do not pay entrance fees in national parks, natural reserves or on islands. If you want to economize on food, you can bring small supplies with you (processed food). If there is no room for that in your luggage, we know what to buy not to spend the whole holiday budget at once :-) If you do not want to be bothered with food supplies you can always use our offer.

Accommodation is also something you have to "hunt for". In summer, a double room in an ordinary hotel costs approximately 1000 kroner (PLN 470). To be able to offer you better price, we use summer houses at camps or hytter - summer houses for rent (usually outside the season).

The same is with communication. Buses', cabs' and trams' costs can be a nightmare. Fortunately, with our help, you do not need to even think about it. With us, you will economize on everything which otherwise would take the most of your money, that is accommodation, communication and food. Not wasting your time on searching for economical solutions, you will spend your time enjoying the trips we organise: sightseeing tours, cruises, hiking, walking, fishing and all the other stuff the Land of Fjords has to offer.