Obviously, summer in the Norwegian Riviera is the most active season - streets and promenades are filling with people. Hundreds of boats sail in fjords and bays - starting with small motorboats steered by children, and ending with huge exclusive yachts and sailing vessels.

Summer is the peak of the tourist season, thus the highest accommodation costs. The weather makes up for it. July, August and September are the warmest months of a year. Water in the sea sometimes reaches even 20 ͦ. Air temperature during a day can reach even 28 ͦ. Relatively low precipitation causes that a myth of constantly cold and rainy Norway is debunked. This impression is consolidated by long days - the sun spoils us with its glare up to 10 pm and rises already after 3 am - night is actually just a longer twilight turning into daybreak...

Summer is the best time for sightseeing boat tours on the coastal waters of Arendal, the Nidelva River and Lyngor Islands. With regard to best weather conditions it is also a perfect time of a year to go to Preikestolen and Kjerag where sunny weather is a great advantage. In July, on the road to Kjerag, there still can be ice floating on lakes, while snow stays there even to the next autumn rains.

In summer, you should also take a ride in the Norwegian Riviera. The lonely islands get crowded. Usually somnolent towns become resorts. In holiday season (from the half of July to the half of August) events and performances take place on the streets of Arendal almost every day.

August is a start of the season for mackerel. Successful fishing, in the spots we choose, is guaranteed. We organise great fish-smoking after fishing.

Summer is the best time for mushroom picking. After rains, forests are abundant in boletuses, birch boletes, bay boletes, chantarelles and larch boletes. During this time, the landscape is filled with patches of pink fireweed, creamy blossoming meadowsweet, and on rocks, accompanied with red grass, you can find heather crowding in tufts.

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