Arendal is located at the very heart of Sorlandet coast, which is called the Norwegian Riviera. It is the ideal starting point for several most popular showplaces of the country: Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten, Lyngør Archipelago. Cabins and camp sites are scattered over the continental part of the city and islands, and these constitute our accommodation facilities. This location guarantees the best weather conditions in Norway with the least precipitation and the highest number of sunny days throughout a year. 

Arendal has got much to offer. It joins the features of modernity and Norwegian tradition. It is the oldest city in the region, with charming historic wooden buildings scattered over Hisøy and Tromøy islands and the old district – Tyholmen. Its flagship is a town hall, the second biggest wooden building in Norway. 

Hisøy (Stølsviga) and Tromøy (Hove) offer one of the best beaches in Norway. These are shallow, sandy lagoons in which the water warms up quickly in summer, and its extraordinary  transparency makes not only bathing but also snorkelling very pleasant. On both islands, and especially, on Hisøy, there are several interesting fishing areas. These places are famous for good takes of wrasse.  

Somnolent atmosphere of the town, especially outside the tourist season, contrasts with the night life of Pollen port - called the Horseshoe due to its specific shape. In the 19th century, it was one of the finest ports in this part of Europe, having bigger merchant fleet than the whole Denmark.  Today, the port welcomes tourists. In the summer season, pubs and small clubs give you the opportunity to party from dusk till dawn (caution! At this longitude, the sun goes down after 10 p.m. and rises before 4 a.m.).  The atmosphere of parties in Pollen is unique. At the bar, you can meet both natives, foreign tourists, immigrants and seamen sailing through the Norwegian coast. 

The "Horseshoe" also offers elegant restaurants. You can also buy shrimps and crabs straight from a fishing boat. Right behind the port, there is the Neo-Gothic red-brick church erected, and several steps further you can find Amfi Arena shopping centre.  However, the biggest attraction of Arendal are beautiful views. To the residents, 2 km long Galtesund strait between Hisøy and Tromøy island is most of all , a waterway. Having a boat here is almost as popular as having a car. A small port or wharf awaits travellers in each bay. Even stores have their own parking lots for boats. But... what is ordinary to locals, can be impressive to visitors. Galtesund bathing in the sun with houses, garages for boats, and wooden platforms located at both its sides as well as dozens of small vessels circulating in every direction is a view which will stay in your mind for long.  

Trip around Arendal 

1. Leaving the accommodation facility. 

2. A walk in the port and the Old town with a tour guide. 

3. Free time (individually established) in the centre of Arendal. 

4. Deriving through the road along the coastline of Hisøy islands with stops at official and unofficial vista points to Stølsviga beach.

5. Going up the mountain in Barbu district with a view to Galtesund straits.

6. Dinner or supper (depending on the time of the day). 

7. Returning to the accommodation facility. The planned time of the trip is 3-5 hours (depending on the individual needs of our guests). 

If you want to experience something extraordinary, see the most interesting attractions of Norway, get a taste for Norwegian dishes, catch a fish for supper, see the fjords, you seem to be in a right place. You will go on an inexpensive trip to Norway with us with many adventures awaiting you. Each evening, we offer free beer- and home-made wine-tasting to our guests, no limit :)

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