Norway is the country for hikers and swimmers. Everybody will find something tailored to their taste. Hiking trails lead through thick forests, among mossy rocks like those from stories about trolls,  through passes, meadows and severe, rocky coastlines. You can bathe in lakes and the sea, practically with no limitations. It is a perfect opportunity to spend your free time actively and take a good look at Scandinavian nature.  

Near Arendal, there are several very interesting hiking trails, most of the tourist do not know about.  Usually, on the trail marked out along  Tromøy coastline, you do not encounter anybody except for seabirds.  On the other hand, on the path leading around the post-glacial lake, Store Ribbervann (Great Water Ribs) you can only meet the locals. The trail along the coastline in Fevik, famous for best beaches in the region, is covered with numerous rock pools, and you can swim in shallow bays with crystal clear water (snorkelling masks and flippers are at your disposal if you want to observe the underwater world of the North Sea). On the unmarked trails along the south coast of Flostaøy island, you can find interesting geological formations: small cliffs, stone water-eroded, rock pools.  You can use a  pedestrian-only bridge to get to a desert island from Flostaøy.

We offer active, intense and cheap trips to Norway. During your 7-day stay, you will participate in minimum seven separate trips with a guide and photographer. Before you go home, you will get a photo album from your holidays in Norway. Among others, we will visit famous Preikestolen, great Norwegian fjords, charming towns and villages of Norwegian Riviera, including white Tvedestrand and Gjeving – Venice of the North. We will reach the cut-off-from-the-world but peopled islands on the sea, and those desert ones to spend the night there away from civilization. Take this opportunity and choose cheap trips to Norway with Nordtrip team.

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