It is hard to imagine a better place for fishing than Norway. It is such a popular sport here with such great results that the authorities of the country have established a limit for taking the fish abroad.  

There are several interesting fishing areas at the outskirts of Arendal; popular spots are piers near fishmonger's which receive daily deliveries straight from the sea. Fishing boats sail up each day to unload the goods, and remains of gutted fish are thrown into the water to create natural  ground bait.

When fishing from the bank in more virgin places, you should know the structure of the rocks below the surface of water. Fish usually prey on a specific type of bedrock. The most popular fish of the Norwegian coastal waters are mackerel and sea bass. The second popular are coalfish and cod.

Apart from sea fishing we also recommend freshwater fishing. Fishing on Norwegian lakes usually requires special permits but, fortunately, we have our own lake to use in the landscape park, 20 km from Arendal.  You can catch perch and trout there. For the keen and patient  fishers, we also have the equipment for eel. On the other hand, several kilometre long and, what's more important, made available to the public, lake Longum, is a perfect place to hunt for pike.


1. Leaving the accommodation facility

2. Arriving at the fishing area

3. Fishing

4. Driving to the second fishing area

5. Fishing

6. Dinner of supper 

7. Returning to the accommodation facility

Time of the trip: undetermined

We offer cheap fishing trips to Norway to all experienced and amateur fishermen. What is more we have organised round trips, sight-seeing cruises, guided hikes, trips to cultural landmarks of Norway and visits to Norwegian cities to offer

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