Going shopping is an ideal option for a rainy day. In the commercial and industrial part of Arendal – Stoa, you can buy practically everything: from finely crafted birdtables to motorboats and exclusive yachts.

Although shopping in Norway may seem to be an economic shot in the foot, prices in some shops are surprisingly low, often lower than in Poland. In Biltema you can buy many stuff at reasonable prices in departments of sports, fishing, tourism, technical, home appliances and many others.  It is similar in Europris and Elkjøp, although there are also food curiosities. For instance, you can buy sterile wrapped reindeer, elk or even whale sausages. The locals especially enjoy caviar spreads and different brunost cheese - brown cheese with caramel. An interesting souvenir from Norway may be a typical Scandinavian sweater with Nordic patterns.

In the centre of Arendal, there is Amfi Arena shopping centre. Here, you can find stores of international chains as  H&M, Cubus, Dressmann and Lindex, and Norwegian ones: Nille, Platekompaniet, Narvesen.  

The best day for shopping in Norway is the first Friday after American celebration of Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November). Obviously, this tradition was brought to the Scandinavian Peninsula from the USA.  In the so-called Black Friday, stores are often open round the clock and there are even 70% discounts.


1. Leaving the accommodation facility

2. Visiting Biltema

3. Visiting Europris

4. Visiting Elkjøp

5. Visiting Amfi Arena shopping centre

6. Dinner or supper

7. Returning to the accommodation facility

Time: undetermined

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