Sørlandet Region, called the Norwegian Riviera, is the sunniest and warmest part of the country.  Roads meandering along the coastline jagged with fjords, hundreds of islands and skerries, rustic settlements and beautifully located towns constitute the northern  counterpart of the French Riviera. 

Wooden towns of the Norwegian Riviera are famous for lightness of an architectural style. While at inland, the huts are usually dark and covered with turf, houses in localities as Tvedestrand or Risør are white with grey or green ornaments. Most of the city-centre premises are antique shops, book shops, handicraft shops and coffee shops. 

Many houses, especially those located on islands, are the so-called hytters, that is, in a literal translation, huts. This means that, for the most of time, no one lives there.  Usually, these are exclusive summer houses of Oslo and Bergen residents. Owning a house in the Norwegian Riviera not only gives a possibility of relaxation but also raises their prestige. Although they give quite different impression, properties with the access to the sea cost even several million kroner.  

In this part of the world, the sea plays an equally significant part in communication in comparison to roads. Each, even the smallest settlement and seaside property has its own harbour.  In summer there are more boats on the waterways than cars on the coastline roads.  Each year, in the beginning of July, there is a big maritime even taking place called Skagerrak Water Festival.

Despite its popularity, this region has not been yet run over by mass tourism. On the contrary, one can experience intimate atmosphere and the closeness of nature here. On lonely rocks or in water one can sometimes spot a seal, and there are road signs warning against elk crossing the road. 

Our trip around the Norwegian Riviera

1. Leaving the accommodation facility.

2. Exploring Flostøya island with a stop in Narestø settlement.

3. Driving through Tverrdalsøya island with a stop in Kilsund locality.

4. Returning to the continent, visiting Tvedestrand town. A walk around the town.

5. Driving along Tvedestrandfjørden with a stop for a picnic on cliffs in Åstero.

6. Driving through a tourist landscape route in Grønland.

7. Visiting Borøya island with stops at beauty spots. 

8. Returning to the continent, arriving at Risør town. A walk around the town. 

9. Shopping time.

10. Returning to the accommodation facility taking a fast road.

11. Dinner or supper (depending on the time of the day).

Time of the trip is approximately 5-7 hours (depending on weather, number of stops and individual needs of our guests). Length of the route: about 140 km round trip. 

Take an inexpensive trip to Norway. Tour schedule, among others, includes guided tours to charming port towns of Norwegian Riviera, trips to spectacular fjords of Western Norway, climbing sky-high  Preikestolen cliff, wandering across tundra in the subarctic climate zone, cruises on the Norwegian coastal waters, fishing.

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