If Sørlandet cost is the Norwegian Riviera, then Gjeving deserves to be called Venice of the North.  Its port is the best starting point for a journey to Lyngør located on four small islands and recognised by UNESCO as the best preserved village of Europe.    

One of our guest said that he enjoyed Gjeving more than Venice. Admittedly, the settlement is rather miniature version of the famous city on the water, but undoubtedly, it is more subtle and extremely charming. There are no great throngs of tourists, street vendors and turmoil.  To be honest, outside the tourist season (15 July - 17 August), it is hard to encounter a human being there. One can say that, for the most part of the year, Gjeving is a private Venice for everyone who visits it.

In Gjeving, there is the continental home port for Lyngør Archipelago – the absolute gem of the Norwegian Riviera. When in 1991, Lyngør received UNESCO distinction as the best preserved settlement in Europe, the reason was not only the architecture but also the community living in isolation -  descendants of fishermen and sailors. In summer season, the island is visited by quite many tourists but the archipelago is a place of permanent residence only for less than 100 people. You can get there only by boat.  There are no roads for cars on the islands but a narrow paths, old wooden houses, boating harbours, historic lighthouse and two port's restaurants.  

Our trip to Gjeving and Lyngør

1.Picking the guests up from the accommodation facility. 

2. Reaching Gjeving – Venice of the North. 

3. Getting to know the settlement.

4. Several-minute long crossing to Lyngør, visiting the island. 

5. Returning to Gjeving.

6. Going up the mountain with a stop in an unofficial vista point overlooking the archipelago panorama.  

7. Dinner or supper (depending on the time of a day). 

8. Returning to the accommodation facility.

Planned time of the trip: about 4-5 hours

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