Tundra, huge fjord, turf roofed huts, town cut off from the world, road taking our breath away and one of the best known symbols of Norway: Kjeragbolten –  the spectacular rock suspended between two cliffs at the height of 984 metres.

When someone asks me about my favourite place in Norway I always give the same answer: the road to Kjerag. How can I put it? It is simply a different world. I always say that everyone should take that trip. And when I take there the lucky ones who managed to get there, someone always says: it is a totally different world! :)

The landscape observed from the road to Kjerag changes every minute. The first stage are, specific to Norwegian interior, mixed forest, next are rocky mountains falling vertically straight to long glacial lakes.  Here and there we can observe brown huts with grass on their roofs and antlers of elk and reindeer hanging from their walls.  

Last 80 kilometres of the route offers the landscape typical for the Arctic zone: scrubby trees or no trees at all, tundra, rocky wilderness. The vast space you cannot hold in your gaze is covered with huge rocks,  streams, lakes scattered at different heights... This is the only place of that kind in Europe at the low latitude; the landscape specific to subpolar wilderness, biotope of arctic fox,  ptarmigan and reindeer (however, the most often, we can observe flocks of sheep walking down the roads). The rocks are covered with Arctic plant species. Sometimes, there is ice floating on the lakes even till the end of July. In colder years, snow stays practically all year long. The town located at the end of the road is impassable for vehicle traffic seven months a year. Then, one can get there only by the sea. Just before the road to the town, there is a restaurant suspended over the 600 m long cliff. This is the place where the demanding trail to Kjeragbolten starts.

Trip to Kjerag

1. Leaving the accommodation facility.

2. Using a four-wheel drive to get through forests and mountains, along the glacial lakes. Stops in vista points. 

3. Picnic just before entering the plateau. 

4. Covering the distance of 70 km in the subarctic climate zone, stops in vista points and walks on the plateau. 

5. Reaching the cut-off-from-the-world Lysefjorden. Opportunity to by souvenirs. 

6. Going up to Kjeragbolten (optional).

7. Coming back using the same road which seems to be different (this diversified road can be surprising when the distance is covered in the opposite direction). 

8. Returning to the accommodation facility. 

The planned time of the trip: a whole day

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