One of the most recognizable views in the world - a rocky ledge 604 metres above the level of the sea which stretches right below it. A picturesque, blue fjord and barely marked trail with no protection... and a circle of tourists  swinging their legs from the edge of the cliff :)

Preikestolen, that is a platform of 25x25 m size is a roof of the 600 m cliff towering over the dazzling  Lysefjorden. In the literal translation, Lysefjorden means "the bright fjord". In the summer sun, which goes down here right before midnight, the water takes on emerald colouring. Its surface is cut through ferries and huge cruise ships, which look like miniature models. This is one of only few so dangerous and, simultaneously, so crowded places of the world. Neither the cliff nor the trail leading to it are secured with a single railing or sign warning against the risk of fall.  The distance between the parking lot and the platform is less than 4 km. Going up and down takes approximately 4 hours. The trail is not too demanding.

There are two routes leading from the Norwegian Riviera to Preikestolen: one is fast, the other is scenic. Obviously, we use both to show you as many interesting places as possible on the way. This trip is worth experiencing even only because of the mountain drive with dozens of waterfalls to enjoy. 

Our trip to Preikestolen

1. Leaving the accommodation facility. 

2. Using a four-wheel drive on the picturesque road to get through the mountains and the land of waterfalls, with stops in official and unofficial vista points. 

3. ferry crossing through Lysefjorden.

4. reaching the parking lot which is the starting point of the trail to Preikestolen.

5. Hiking. Staying in the platform and several less-known, and often ignored by tourists, places. 

6. Picnic.

7. Descending the mountain and returning to the car. 

8. Return using the fast road. 

Planned time of the trip: a whole day

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