In late spring, in the coastal waters of Norway, there are huge mackerel shoals. Mid-summer is when spawning ends and ravenous fish disperse into smaller groups to prey. Their prey are mainly shrimps and parr, including their own offspring. The peak of the season for mackerel fishing is in August and September. One can fish out even three fish with one bait.  

Mackerel reaches up to 1 kg and 50 cm. This inconspicuous size can be surprising when we pull the fish out of great depths. Mackerel fish are strong and fight fiercely - during pulling one may have an impression there is something quite big on a hook, especially when there are two or three fish caught at once.  

We fish mackerel from the coast, in the best fishing areas. We provide the whole indispensable equipment (fishing rods, landing nets, baiting shrimps) and help with drawing.  Anyone can fish, regardless of age, gender or experience. After the successful fishing there is great fish-smoking and eating :)

Our mackerel fishing day-trip

1. Picking up the guests from the accommodation facility. 

2. Driving to the fishing area. 

3. Fishing.

4. Fish-smoking and eating. 

5. Returning to the accommodation facility. 

The planned fishing time: 3-4 hours, the planned time of the treat is undetermined. 

All fishermen and adventure seekers are invited to our fishing cruises and cheap trips to Norway. Apart from fishing, the schedule lists sight-seeing tours, walks in forests, visiting port towns, climbing cliffs surrounding the great fjords of Norway, feasts, barbecue parties, free beer- and home-made wine-tasting :)

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