This is the adventure for the collectors of unconventional experiences, enthusiasts of survival and night sky full of stars: this night on a desert island may turn out to be the most interesting attraction of your holiday.  

There are two types of islands on which we "abandon" our guests. The first one is about rocky and severe islands located on the open sea and blown by strong winds, dedicated to people looking for survival challenges. The second ones are also granite, but much greener islands in bays - they are warmer, more romantic, but equally wild.

Regardless of the location or size, all the islands are surrounded with salty and deep waters that make the escape impossible. For one day and night you are condemned to getting to know the island, preparing your dishes and your own company :)

Obviously, we won't leave you with only what's in your pockets. Castaways are given a tent, portable grill, food supplies and... the castaway's chest. The use of its contents depends only on your creativity :)

Trip to a desert island

1. Leaving the accommodation facility

2. Cruise to a desert island

3. Evening, night and morning on the island

4. A boat coming "to the rescue" :)

5. A warm dish onshore

6. Returning to the accommodation facility

Our cheap trips to Norway are for admirers of wild nature and those who like to spend their free time actively as well as for those who dream of lazy summer days with a fishing rod in one hand and a beer in the other. We will provide you with everything which is necessary during your stay plus offer the most interesting tourist attractions of Norway as visiting towns and port settlements of Norwegian Riviera, trips to famous Norwegian fjords, sight-seeing cruises, mackerel smoking,  free beer- and home-made wine-tasting to our guests, no limit :)

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