Why are we a good choice?

We love our job and put our heart and soul into it. We want you to have fun and experience something special. We travel throughout the country we live in a lot, each time learning something new about it. We single-mindedly explore new places where we want to take you in the future. If you dare to come with us you are going to experience more than you expect... You are not going to forget this holidays :)

We offer relaxing and friendly atmosphere and focus on your individual needs - we travel in small groups of maximum 6 people during one-week stay.

The schedule of trips is pithy but flexible. Since the weather in Norway tends to be changeable, we adjust particular trips to atmospheric conditions. If there is going to rain at the coast according to weather forecasts, we are going hiking instead, etc. to let you experience as much as possible in the most favourable conditions.

We are not the fans of casual checking attractions off the list included in a trip schedule. To a great extent, you are the one to decide which trip we are going to experience and which places are worth the most of our time. And, believe us, there are many to choose from! :)

We are going to take you to the places which dazzle even the most choosy world travellers. During these seven days we are going to introduce you to the real Norway; you are going to be part of it, not just bystanders. You are going to try traditional Norwegian dishes, use a motorboat to travel on the sea, river and through picturesque straits, get to know routes only known to the locals, become "castaways" on the desert island, wander across tundra in the subarctic climate zone, see huge fjords (both from the sea level and top of fjords), visit charming villages at the seaside, and towns and isles of the Norwegian Riviera, do the snorkelling, bathe in the North Sea, go fishing in salty and freshwater, cure mackerel in smoke for your supper. You will experience the night life of Arendal and everyday life of people who lived there. We won't let you get bored (unless you want to:))

Since we are both experienced in outdoor photography, we will take many photos of you on each trip :). Before you go home, we will give you a CD with your holiday photo shoot for free. You can also be sure that photos published on our website are real - they were all taken by us and show places we are going to visit again with you :)

We are already looking forward to seeing you! :)